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Woman of Towing

Joann Sorlucco

Steve’s Towing – Port Charlotte, Florida

By: Jackie Gibson

Joann Sorlucco has owned and operated Steve’s Towing for nearly 20 years, after 10 years in the medical field.  Her husband at the time was working in a body shop when the original owner of Steve’s Towing asked if the couple would be interested in purchasing the business.  They had no towing experience, but decided to take a chance.  After she and her husband divorced in 2012, Joann wanted to continue with her investment, so she became the sole owner of Steve’s Towing and has never looked back.  A typical day for Joann consists of dispatching, networking, payroll, bookkeeping, preparing taxes and everything else that comes with running a 24-hour company.  “You often find me driving a flatbed,” she says, “as well as taking care of fuel deliveries, jump starts, and vehicle releases.”  Throughout the day, she also manages to find time to file DMV paperwork for titling, buying and selling vehicles and updating the company website and Facebook page with photos, contests, testimonials, etc.  In addition to the day-to-day service calls such as lockouts and jump starts, Steve’s Towing offers wheel-lift and flatbed towing, private property tows, abandoned vehicle calls, local and long-distance towing and accident/emergency response.  “We also buy junk vehicles and have hauled toolboxes, forklifts, hospital equipment and monuments,” Joann adds, “and we have a solid reputation for professional services on high-end, antique vehicles.”  Steve’s Towing has two additional drivers, both male, and the company is currently looking to fill another position.  Within the community, Steve’s Towing regularly participates in safe-driving events and DUI awareness at local schools.  “We also offer towing at a highly discounted rate to those who are having a hard time,” Joann smiles, “and we are proud to donate vehicles to needy families.”  While Joann has almost two decades of towing-related stories, she says there is one that truly stands out.  The company received a call from a real estate agent requesting a tow.  The woman said she had been following her GPS directions to a location where she would be showing a house.  When Steve’s Towing arrived on scene, the woman was dressed in a suit and sitting on top of her vehicle 20 feet out in alligator-infested waters.  “Our driver could see that she was clearly in distress, so he swam out, hooked her up, and pulled her safely to shore,” Joann remembers.  “It was the craziest thing,” Joann laughs.  “She said her GPS told her to go right, go left and go straight… and she ended up driving into the lake.”  Joann has three beautiful daughters and loves the water and the outdoors.  Her hobbies include hiking, running, kayaking, and treasure hunting.  When time allows, she enjoys going to estate sales, storage unit auctions and garage sales.  “I’m always looking for that special treasure.” she says.


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