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National First Responders Day

National First Responders Day

By: Richard Del Campo

Surrounding us every day are tragic events that require quick action on behalf of first responders, and we should all take a moment to be eternally grateful for the job they do.  It’s easy to lose sight of the importance of their work, especially when emotions are high and we’re right in the middle of an emergency.

“Simply put-towmen are a first line of response for traffic accidents, road construction incidents and the increasing number of weather-related emergencies”.

Many people immediately associate police, fire and medical professionals to this line of work, but there are people alongside those professionals that are equally important- they are the individuals who respond to road and traffic emergencies with towing and recovery equipment.  Simply put- towmen are a first line of response for traffic accidents, road construction incidents and the increasing number of weather- related emergencies.  Our actions save lives and reduce danger for people both in and around road emergencies.  Along with firefighters, police and medical professionals, there can be no argument that towers aren’t part of our nation’s first responder forces.  These are the men and women who make it their business to act when disaster strikes.  National First Responders Day take place on October 28-a day to show gratitude to these everyday heroes.  In May 2017, Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Tom Cotton, along with Reps.  Mark Meadows, Michael Capuano and Elijah Cummings introduced a resolution to establish National First Responders Day.  Additionally, states like Colorado and cities like Boston have echoed that recognition by passing resolutions to honor first responders.  In the United States there are more than 35,000 tow companies and hundreds of thousands of individuals employed in the towing industry, including tow operators, dispatchers, safety advisers and owners.  Tow operators can be found on the side of more than 4 million miles of the nation’s roadways and respond to nearly 15 million accidents each year.  National First Responders Day is an opportunity for the rest of us to say thank you to those who protect us in times of disaster, despair and dependency.  Whether you simply thank and acknowledge a first responder, bring cookies to your local fire station, or help to raise funds to make sure your local community’s first responders have the equipment they need to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies, take that day to give gratitude.  In our industry, we are keenly aware that we provide more than rescue and recovery equipment and people.  We provide care for the individuals involved.  We’re not just about equipment.  The actions of the towers in our industry are often the difference between life and death.  It is an awesome responsibility and one we are proud to share with our fellow first responders.


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