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Tow Truck

Level 1 Light Duty Training

Towing & Recovery Professionals of Colorado

May 20th & May 21st, 2024

Event Information

I-TECC Level 1 Light Duty Training Registration

Please register for I-TECC Level 1 Light Duty Training Registration Below.

You MUST register each participant individually

Training Program Information

In your class with I-TECC you will learn:
  • Operator Safety, Prepared and Compliance

  • Vehicle Inspections

  • Traffic Control, Equipment Safety and Safety of the Motoring Public

  • Tow Capacity Calculation

  • Light Duty Lift and Tow using Wheel Lift

  • Dolly use and operation

  • Resistance Introduction

  • Towing Truck/Winching Source Anchor-Ability Calculation

  • Passenger Vehicle Recovery Techniques

  • Carrier/Flatbed/Rollback Operations

  • Rigging Use, Ratings and Inspections

  • Snatch Block Use Introduction

  • Introduction – Hybrid and Electric Vehicle – Handling, Transport and Storage Concerns

  • Passenger Vehicle Up-Righting Techniques –Conducted during T.I.M.’s Training


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